Protect Your Pets From Cancer With Pet Safe Fertilizer

Dear Friend and Pet Lover,

Have I got something for you. How would you like to grow the most remarkable, beautiful and lush gardens, have a lawn full of thick and soft emerald blades of grass, and be absolutely certain that your beloved pets won’t be in harm’s way from the fertilizer used to make your dream yard happen?

If all of this sounds like something you want, then this letter is of the utmost importance to you…especially right now since spring is right around the corner!

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I am a true lover of animals. I also have a strong passion for gardening…my flower beds are my sanctuary, bringing me peace of mind and serenity when my world is a little frazzled. My vegetable gardens bring me a lovely assortment of nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables in such abundance that my friends and neighbors don’t run out of fresh veggies either!

However, I spent years putting up with small yields from my veggie garden, and flowers that struggled to survive the season, with little blooms. My grass suffered too, turning brown in the heat of the summer. And why did I put up with all this?


And my love for them kept me from fertilizing my lawn and gardens. Actually, fear is what kept me from fertilizing. I didn’t trust anything when it came to my pets’ welfare. Having two cats and two dogs that I love as much as I love my own children, I couldn’t see myself putting their lives at risk for what I thought was a selfish reason…wanting an stunning lawn and “out-of-this world” gardens.

As my passion for gardening grew, I knew I had to do something, so I started to look into fertilizers that were “pet friendly”…and lo and behold, my prayers were answered and I haven’t looked back since.

What I found was so amazing that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut about it, and I actually took it to a whole new level. How could I not share this secret with people who were as passionate about their pets as well as their gardens as I was? It would be a sin to keep this little secret all to myself.

Well, my friend, I want to share this secret with you…and that’s why I’ve put you on my special “Pet Lover’s List” which is composed of a very limited number of people. All of which are lovers of pets and gardens, just like you and me.

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I want you to be assured that what I have here is not a gimmick. There have been years and years spent on formulating our fertilizer, and its value super cedes that of any other fertilizer I’ve ever used. And believe me, I’ve tried them.

You see, I spent years, hoping that nature would provide for me, and what Mother Nature didn’t, I compensated with the garden hose (or tried to)…abiding by the law of “no watering in the middle of the day” and whatever else I could do to give my garden a boost. But I was so scared of what a fertilizer might do to my dogs and cats, that I wasn’t going to take any chances.

After hearing about this fertilizer and what it was made of, how it worked, and actually seeing the results for myself, I decided to give it a shot.

My garden has been astounding ever since. And though I was never one of those people to take tremendous pride in the condition of their lawn, I did feel a foreign sense of delight when I drove up to my house and realized that there was no denying, my lawn was the greenest on the block. As soon as I got out of the car, I could smell my flower beds…no matter what time of the growing season…whatever was in bloom was blooming in full force...Grape Iris, Stargazer Lilies, Grape Hyacinth, and of course my roses.

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And I can’t leave out my herbs. My lavender bed became my little meditation grounds. I purposely made spaghetti at least once a week, just so I could go out the garden and pick some fresh basil and oregano.

How about the mint, the dill, the fennel…and the aromatic sage? They’re all so soothing to the senses and killer additions to my favorite recipes.

But wait…how can I not mention my veggies? The sweetest tomatoes in the world! I couldn’t keep my kids out of the garden! And my strawberries, and peppers…mmm. I could go on and on…but I don’t want to bore you.

What I can say for sure is that this fertilizer changed my outlook on gardening, and my fear of harming my animals was lifted. In fact, I felt relieved to have found this stuff.

No More Backyard Mud Baths!

You see, I had a Rottweiler, a St. Bernard, and two calico cats, all who loved to run in my double lot…and the Rott and Bernard were monsters on the lawn.

They tore up everything possible, and after a good rain all bets were off. Lawn was non-existent. All I had was mud.

Well after this wonderful discovery, the roots in my lawn were so strong and sturdy that they couldn’t rip my lawn up anymore…and whatever tiny bit they could rip up was quickly replenished. (My daughter and I were quite pleased to not have huge muddy paw prints to clean up in the kitchen and on the landing anymore.)

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This fertilizer changed my life in many ways, all for the better.

Here is what I have experienced and am offering you:


• 100% certified organic fertilizer. You will have no chemical burn on your plants or lawn ever again!

• Everything you apply this fertilizer on is going to flourish and thrive.

• You will have such satisfaction knowing that you have a gorgeous garden and haven’t harmed the environment one bit. In fact, you’ve improved it.

• You’ve supported your organic community.

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• There is nothing in our fertilizer that can harm your pets in any way, shape or form.

• You can apply our fertilizer anywhere, even places that your pets like to wander around on. No worries!

• You don’t have to worry about your cat or dog munching on the grass that you’ve just fertilized…it’s not going to harm them.

• You will have peace of mind knowing that your pets won’t get sick from fertilizing your lawn and garden…and you are going to be more than happy with your results…I promise.

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Now You’ve Kicked Nature Into High Gear, Her Favorite Gear

• Nature’s working for you now, making everything about your garden that much easier.

• Earthworms and microbes are hard at work, delivering your lawn, your flowers and your fruits and veggies the essential nutrients they demand to show off their true potential.

No More Chemical Fertilizers, Literally Destroying Your Soil And Putting Your Beloved Pets At Serious Risk

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The most honest way to say this is:

• When you apply chemicals to your lawn and garden, in order to achieve optimal results (for the moment), you are essentially killing off all of your lawn’s and garden’s natural components for thriving in this world.

Chemicals in Your Garden is the Same as Steroids in Your Body

Once you put chemicals in your garden, your plants forget about what they have naturally and they become dependent on chemical fertilizer to thrive…and subsequently, they need more and more. Why?

• The chemicals deplete all microbial activity.

• They take the place of vitamins, minerals, and all the nutrients that are readily available to them.

• They now need something to give them what they need since all of their precious earthworms and microbes have been destroyed.

• Any athlete using steroids ends up completely dependent on them for decent performance…it’s the same with your fertilizer…using chemicals forces your garden to become completely dependent on them.

• Just as any “drug”, they develop a tolerance and need more and more. And that’s not to make the lawn and garden thrive anymore, just merely survive. If you want them to thrive, they’ll need even more! (What better way for any chemical fertilizer company to make a pretty mint off you, as a drug dealer does off of their unsuspecting victim.)

Enough “doom and gloom”…I want to tell you about what fascinates me about our fertilizer, an element that snatched my attention and earned my respect instantly.

Our fertilizer contains a special key ingredient that blows the rest of them away, and it’s completely pet friendly and natural. It comes from a little fish found in the Gulf Coast known as the “Menhaden fish” (which is far from toxic!).

This little secret has stood the test of time!

This awesome little guy feeds off mineral rich plankton, and in our preparation process it is slowly steamed to preserve all its valuable amino acids…it took years for us to perfect and it’s much better than raw fish, but this little secret has stood the test of time!

Well, this “special ingredient” was used for centuries by Native Americans…and anything that is used for centuries must work, or it would’ve been discarded a long time ago.

Native Americans relied on fertilize their life sustaining crops! This little ingredient has gotten lost in our new “Corporate America”, in the mass production and use of chemical fertilizers.

Years of perfecting the method to properly process this valuable ingredient has led us to astonishing results in our fertilizer, and we’re currently delivering our customers incredible results.

I know that I’ve gained a huge sense of pride as well as tradition, knowing that I’m using the very same ingredients as my ancestors…I’m not killing the microbial activity in my soil…I’m preparing my ground to withstand years of future production! I’m excited!

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The compliments from friends and neighbors will be rolling in:

• “How did you grow such an excellent lawn?”

• “How did you get such green grass?”

• “Your flowers are magnificent! How did you do it?”

Not to mention:

• “Man, I haven’t tasted a tomato like this in years!”

• “How did you grow so many delicious strawberries?”

• “I used Miracle Gro and didn’t get these results!”

So, chemicals are NOT the answer to a lush lawn and marvelous garden. Not by a long shot! And our fertilizer is full of chelated nutrients. What are those? They’re nutrients…only with a huge advantage over other fertilizers’ nutrients.

• Chelated nutrients attach to the soil, so even after a heavy rain, your fertilizer won’t be leaking into groundwater.

• This means your money won’t be literally sucked away to who knows where.

• Your plants and lawn won’t get shocked from too many nutrients at once…they get what they need, when they need it.

This is just a win win situation any which way you look at it. Your gardens win, your lawn wins, you and your pets win!

What more can you ask for when it comes to gardening and pet ownership…pets you adore to the moon and back, like they’re your own children?

But you know what is so remarkable about all this?


Yep, that’s right. You don’t risk a thing.

You have a 100% six month guarantee, which means that if you aren’t satisfied for any reason whatsoever, I will personally see to it that every cent you spend with us will be returned…no questions asked, and no hassles!

It’s All About The 100%!

100% certified organic and 100% 6-month money-back guarantee!

You are going to love this, and if I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t guarantee your satisfaction!

So, what’s next? YOU NEED TO ORDER NOW!

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Here’s what you get:

• You get a beautiful, lush, green lawn.

• You get a miraculous veggie garden full of the largest plants and tastiest veggies you’ve ever grown.

• You get the priceless peace of mind that comes when any pet lover knows that their beloved pets are completely safe.

• You get…2 quarts of our 100% certified organic liquid fertilizer, split into 2 quart size bottles, sized for convenience and easy application. Just so you know, ½ gallon is enough to treat 20,000…yes, 20,000 square feet of your lawn and garden (that is safely stored for 2 or more years!).

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And don’t forget…you have nothing at all to risk. NOTHING!

Your pet’s safety is of the utmost importance to me, and I don’t even know your pets, but I do know the love that exists between you and them, and the extreme importance for their safety. That is guaranteed too!

All This For Just Pennies A Day…Pennies!

Our years of formulating this fantastic fertilizer, and its overall quality, aren’t justified in our asking price…in fact, my partners think I’m out of my mind and being way too generous with this offer, but I’m sticking to it (for as long as I can get away with it).

You’re only spending pennies a day… get the best pet friendly, organic fertilizer in the country! You can’t afford to pass up this incredible deal.

Time is of the essence. It’s so important to start your lawn and garden out on the right foot. Very important, so please, while this is fresh on your mind, Click Here to Order Now

Wishing you all the success in the world, and the best health for your animals. But before I say goodbye, I want to give you a bonus. Just for being on my exclusive “Pet Lover’s List” you will get a hose end sprayer attachment to connect directly to our fertilizer bottles. No muss no fuss when it comes to fertilizer application.

There’s no time like the present, order now while it’s fresh on your mind!

Sincerely, Tina Hull

Organic Fertilizer Specialist

P.S. Time is of the essence, Spring is dancing around the corner, just waiting to pop everything into bloom, so now…yes, right now…is the time to act. And to make sure you act right away, I want to sweeten the deal for you.

Just for being on my exclusive “Pet Lover’s List” you will get a simple step by step comprehensive guide on how to use our natural organic fertilizer. How much to apply, and how to apply it. You will know exactly what to do and when to do it.

P.P.S. WAIT! There’s MORE! As a fervent animal lover, and for ordering so promptly, along with your guide you will get a list of plants that are FORBIDDEN in your yard, as a pet owner. These plants, though a product of Mother Nature, are extremely toxic to your extended family…a huge value that will SAVE THEIR LIVES!

P.P.P.S. I want you to feel completely at ease with our product. Your success is our success…and that is REAL! So, just for ordering within the next week, you will get: The revealing report "Easy Steps to Natural Lawn Care" that reveals the secrets to organic lawn care success. Yours for simply trying our product, and yours to keep even if you decide you were not satisfied with our fertilizer.

P.P.P.P.S. To make sure you have all you need to guarantee your success, I must also include… A consultation with our in house expert agronomist ($35 value alone!) What is so great is that you don’t have to decide now…if you don’t save money, time and frustration…if it isn’t life changing or God forbid your pet was harmed (which I’ll put my life on…will not happen!) you have nothing to worry about because there are no loopholes in out guarantee…you’ll get every cent back that you spent with us…I promise. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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