What Is Truly The Best Fertilizer For All Your Outdoor Needs?

Fertilizer can make or break your lawn and garden, so what is the best fertilizer to use for all of your fertilizing needs? Fish emulsion. Fish emulsion has been used for centuries and proven itself over and over again when it comes to producing optimal results. Gardens flourish and lawns glisten with thick emerald blades. Fish emulsion treats your vegetation like royalty to make your yard shine.

Who doesn’t want the greenest lawn on the block, the most gorgeous blooms and the tastiest veggies? Fish emulsion guarantees these results. Your lawn will be thick and lush when the fertilizer is applied, and flowers? Well, you’ll be able to smell them as soon as you walk out the door. As far as your veggie garden’s concerned, you won’t have to worry about skimpy yields or bland flavor. Fish emulsion saves the day when it comes to fertilizing. Fish emulsion benefits us even more than just providing the crème de la crème of fertilizers. Fish emulsion is recognized as an organic and renewable source, making it a very desirable fertilizer. Fish emulsion can be made from using fish by-products but the best fertilizer is made from the little Menhaden fish. This little guy feeds off of mineral rich plankton and it isn’t practical to catch them for our consumption since they’re small and bony. So they can be caught and their whole body can be used to produce fish emulsion instead of using the “leftovers” from other fish.

Being a renewable source makes it that much more environmentally friendly. We all know that we’ve been careless in the past when it comes to depleting our natural resources and we can’t afford to live like that anymore if we want our planet to be around for our children’s grandchildren to enjoy. By using the best fertilizer that we can to nourish our vegetation, fish emulsion, we’re doing a world of good…and doing the world good.

What’s the best is that everyone is happy using fish emulsion for our lawns and gardens. Neighbors won’t complain about your dying brown lawn, in fact you’ll be able to brag to them if you want. They’ll be knocking on your door, wanting to know what your big secret is, and that’ll be your decision whether or not you want to share. I say share, since you’ll only be helping the environment, your neighbor, and you could have the whole block looking fabulous from letting them in on what the best fertilizer for the world is.

A minor drawback, and I mean minor, is the offensive smell that you might have to deal with, but this disappears after a few days and the end result is well worth this itty bitty inconvenience. It’s a small sacrifice considering you’re getting the best fertilizer possible.

Fish emulsion is the best fertilizer because it’s been used for centuries by our ancestors. Native Americans used to just bury the fish under their crops and as the fish decomposed, their harvest grew. This time tested method of fertilization is fool proof. It’s also fast-acting. We’ve become a world that thrives on instant gratification, and that’s exactly what you get when you use fish emulsion. It produces results lightning quick, and who doesn’t like to watch the garden blossom right before their eyes?

So, if you want the really good organic fertilizer, you can use a specialty blend fish emulsion. The benefits can’t be topped and you’ll have every passerby wondering why Mother Nature granted you the thickest lawn and such luscious blooms. Most of all, you get to reap the rewards and enjoy the biggest yields of veggies, bigger than your garden’s ever delivered in the past. You can’t argue with that success, and whoever says fish emulsion isn’t the best fertilizer ever…hasn’t tried it.

Note: For specific information relating to pastures, please go to our pasture fertilizer page.