Farm Fertilizer… Is It The Key To A Healthy Population?

Too many of us don’t realize that we are what we eat, and a majority of us rely on the produce section of the grocery store to supply fruits and veggies to our kitchens and dinner tables. We also rely on the same grocery stores to supply us with bread, made from oats and grains that come from where? Produce that comes from where? They don’t end up on the shelves magically; it’s all grown on our farms. This makes farm fertilizer a key ingredient in the food industry since farms depend on farm fertilizer to increase production and keep crops healthy.

To make sense of all this, we must grasp that food grown on farms is fertilized by something…and if it isn’t natural, it’s chemical. If chemical fertilizers are used, those chemicals can’t help but make it into the final product (the food on our grocery store shelves) which means we’re eating a lot of chemicals if we’re eating food that isn’t grown using organic fertilizer. That’s a scary thought. I don’t see myself as a bag of toxic chemicals, but realistically, if I didn’t pay attention to what I put into my body, then I’d more than likely be full of these toxic chemicals. That’s why farm fertilizer is so important to our health and well-being.

Not only is our health at stake when using particular farm fertilizers, so is our environment. Synthetic fertilizers destroy natural microbial activity that is very beneficial to any crop, and this leaves the soil craving more chemicals to do their job since they can’t do it naturally anymore. And not to mention what the groundwater absorbs, especially after a good rainfall. These chemicals are absorbed by the ground plus they evaporate into our atmosphere…so not only do you ingest the chemicals, but breathe them too.

So what is the best farm fertilizer to use so that we can save our environment, preserve our soil, and keep our bodies healthy? Obviously, an organic fertilizer, and the best organic farm fertilizer is fish emulsion. It’s a nutrient rich fertilizer that will do wonders for any crop, that’s a promise.

Fish emulsion has been used for centuries and has proven itself to be a wonderful way to ensure a rich crop full of nutrient loaded foods that are primed to fuel our bodies with what we need. The Menhaden fish, in particular, feeds on plankton that are chock full of valuable nutrients and the cycle begins there by feeding the plants, and then ultimately feeding us. It’s all good.

If you’re using a synthetic farm fertilizer now, and want to make the big switch to organic fertilizer then fish emulsion is the way to go. Fish emulsion will give you the results you desire. Other organic fertilizers could give you slim yields initially since they usually release their nutrients over a decent amount of time, and many farmers can’t afford the potential loss. Any change may require an adjustment period, and that’s just what it is, an adjustment period and it won’t last forever, but your results when using fish emulsion should help this adjustment period to your advantage.

Using a good organic farm fertilizer is more important than most people could imagine. There’s truly a big difference in every aspect. It affects the nutritional value in the food on our grocery store shelves. It affects the overall health of our population. It changes the balance of nutrients in the soil which has disastrous long term effects that our planet suffers from. Using fish emulsion for your farm fertilizer will guarantee great results, and the fact that you can stamp the final product with a “certified organic” seal will not only give you pride in your farming but will let you command a higher price for your merchandise. All in all, it’s a good deal for everyone.