How to Increase Profits at the Farmers Market

Do you want to make more money at the Farmers Market and protect our environment for future generations? Who wouldn’t?

Produce More To Sell

Besides being safe for the environment, All Natural Liquid Organic Fertilizer will increase yields on your crops. Your plants will have a deeper root system and be more drought resistant. PLUS all natural fertilizer costs LESS than chemical fertilizer. The list of advantages of organic fertilizer over chemical fertilizer goes on and on.

Stand Out From Everyone Else

Competition is stiff. Customers walk by all the stands. Make them STOP at yours by advertising that your produce is different from everyone else’s. It is superior because it is ALL NATURAL and CHEMICAL-FREE.

I have to admit I was quite surprised when I started attending the Kansas City Farmers Markets that not many of the farmers offer chemical-free products. Now I will ask if the farmer uses chemicals. If they do, I move on.

Better Tasting Products

When asked why they purchase organic food, most consumers will state that it tastes better. Recent studies are showing that organically produced crops contain approximately 30% more antioxidant and/or phenolic content than similar crops produced using chemicals and pesticides. Levels of specific vitamins, antioxidants or flavonoids in organic produce have been found to be two or three times the level found in conventional produce. The higher levels are due to the fact that the organically produced plants are in an environment which allows their natural defense mechanisms to be triggered by weeds or insects. These “stress events” caused by the insects and weeds trigger the plants to respond with flavonoids, volatile compounds, phenolics and other antioxidants. These aromatic compounds found in the organic food are then perceived as flavor when we eat them which is why we say they taste better.

Better tasting and helps fight cancer and other diseases…why would anyone buy conventional produce?

Charge More for Organic

With the increasing demand for organic produce, you just can't ignore the great opportunity to make your stand at the farmers market more profitable. Customers are becoming more savvy and are demanding CHEMICAL-FREE produce. An informed customer will be willing to pay more for all natural organic produce, so as an organic farmer proudly increase your prices for your premium products.

I live in the Kansas City area and I go to the Farmers Market every weekend and sometimes during the week. My search for the best food for my family has led me to Kansas City Area Farmers Markets. Besides buying products that are good for my family, supporting local farmers is important to me. I am willing to pay more to support a local farmer, particularly if the produce is chemical-free.

How To Convert To Organic

How To Get Natural Organic Fertilizer?

For more information on All Natural Liquid Organic Fertilizer, contact me here or call me at 913-708-1985.

Links To Local Kansas City Farmers Markets

Here are links for some of the local Kansas City area farmers markets that I have personally attended.

Merriam Organic Market (M.O.M.)

The Merriam Organic Market was a new farmer's market that opened in 2008. The market runs from June - September on Tuesdays 4-8 pm. I had some great local grown honey and turnips among other goodies. You can also participate their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) which has a weekly pick-up of food from local growers. Check out their website for more information.

City Market The City Market is the largest farmers' market in the region and is located in downtown Kansas City.

Farmers' Community Market at Brookside The Brookside Farmers' Market is a smaller venue, however, all the vendors are organic.

Overland Park Farmers' Market The Overland Park farmers' market is located in Historic Downtown Overland Park. Typically there are musicians playing by the clock tower. This is a decent size farmers market, however, not many vendors sell organic produce.

Merriam Farmers Market The Merriam Farmers' Market is similar to the Overland Park Farmers' Market. There are not many vendors offering chemical-free products.

Listing of Kansas City Area Farmers' Markets

Barstow School Organic Farmers' Market 8am-1pm Saturdays through mid-October. The only all-organic market in Kansas City. 11511 State Line, KCMO. (816) 942-3255.

City Market 7am-5pm Saturdays, 8am-4pm Sundays, 4pm-8pm Wednesdays. 5th & Walnut, KCMO. (816) 842-1271.

Excelsior Springs Market Through September. Nance's Supermarket, 314 Concourse. (816) 630-6215.

Independence Farmers' Market 7am-1pm Saturdays, May through October. Truman Road between Main & Liberty. (816) 254-4338.

Leawood Farmers' Market 7:30am-sellout Saturdays, 11am-sellout Thursdays, through September. Town Center Plaza, 119th & Nall.

Lee's Summit Farmers' Market 7am-noon Saturdays. 123 East 3rd Street, Lee's Summit, MO.

Old Town Lenexa Farmers' Market 7am-noon Saturdays through September. Santa Fe Trail & Pflumm, Lenexa (east end of parking lot facing Santa Fe Trail). (913) 599-6972.

Liberty Farmers' Market 7:30am-1pm Saturdays, May through October. Historic square, downtown Liberty, MO.

Merriam Farmers' Marketplace 8am-1pm Saturdays, May 26th through October 6th. 52nd & Merriam Drive, Merriam, KS. (913) 722-7750.

Olathe Farmers' Market 7am-noon Saturdays, mid-May through mid-October. 4-7pm Wednesdays, mid-June through August. Corner of Poplar and Kansas Avenue, Olathe. (913) 764-6163.

Overland Park Farmers' Market 6:30am-2pm Saturdays, June through October. 10am-2pm Wednesdays, June 7th through September 27th. Downtown Overland Park, next to Clock Tower Plaza, between 79th & 80th just west of Metcalf. (913) 642-1410 or (913) 642-2222.

Parkville Farmers' Market 6am-noon Saturdays, 3pm-6pm Wednesdays, through September. By the river railroad tracks, Parkville, MO.

Shawnee Farmer's Market 8am-4pm Saturdays, June through October. Shawnee City Hall, 1110 Johnson Drive, Shawnee. (913) 631-2500.

Troost Community Market 8am-1pm Saturdays through September. NE corner of Linwood & Troost, KCMO. (816) 931-8800.

Other Sources for Organic Food in KC

Franklin Store offers subscription buying with area farmers on the Kansas side. These farmers supply weekly deliveries of organic produce to subscribers at the Franklin Center in Kansas City, KS, beginning in mid-May. Range-fed organic meats and bulk natural foods are also available. For details, call the Franklin Store at (913) 342-6977 or stop by their location at 14th & Metropolitan, Kansas City, KS.

Whole Foods Market has a natural & organic foods store located at 91st & Metcalf or on 119th just east of Metcalf.

There are also a number of independent farmers in Kansas City who would love for you to visit their farms.

For more information on Urban Farmers in the Kansas City area, check out Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture

There are also a number of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs available in the Kansas City area. You can find a list here