Produce High-Yields with Natural Corn Fertilizer

Corn is a heavy feeder and requires large amounts of nutrients, especially nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). Nitrogen (N) is usually the limiting factor in corn production throughout the season and phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) are important during early plant growth and development when soil conditions limit their uptake. All types of corn respond to all natural liquid organic corn fertilizers when they are applied in banded applications at planting and as foliar applications after emergence.

Banded applications:

Apply 2-3 gals./acre of Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 at planting. The addition of 1-2 gals./acre of Liquid Bonemeal 0-12-0 along with the Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 may also be beneficial especially when phosphorus soil test levels are below 30 ppm. Foliar applications:

1.) Apply 1-3 gals./acre of 4-3-3 Natural Fertilizer mixed with 30-75 gals. of water as a fine mist with enough solution to thoroughly cover leaves (increase spray volume as crop develops to ensure thorough coverage). Apply first application when plants are 4-6” in height.

2) Repeat application when plants are 18-24” tall. Increase the application rate if leaves are chlorotic.

3.) A third application is applied when a few tassels are just starting to show, but this application can only be applied by aircraft, a high-boy, or through an irrigation system. Another option is to apply all natural liquid organic corn fertilizer when plants are 4-6” tall, 10-12” tall, and before the crop is too tall to enter the field (18-24” tall). Space the applications at least 10 days apart.

Rates vary according to soil fertility, cropping history, and other inputs that are available. Lower dilution rates are more effective than higher dilution rates. Two or three lighter applications may be more effective than one heavy application. If other constraints only allow one trip over the field, then do not exceed 4% a dilution rate (4 gals. of liquid corn fertilizer to 100 gals. of water).

The addition of a biodegradable surfactant increases uptake by increasing adhesion to the leaf surface. Apply natural corn fertilizer in early morning or late evening. Do not apply before or after rainfall or irrigation. On standard field sprayers use turbo flood jet nozzles when applying liquid corn fertilizer to reduce clogging.

To reduce susceptibility to attack of insect and disease causing organisms apply 1 gal of 4-3-3 Natural Fertilizer/acre when signs of infestation begin to become apparent. All natural liquid organic fertilizer added to the spray tank reduces the pesticide needed to obtain effective control by 1/3 to 1/2. Some growers are finding that natural corn fertilizer applications alone eliminate the need for pesticide applications when they are applied at the same times as pesticides.

Soil applications:

Mix 3 gals. of 4-3-3 Natural Fertilizer in 20-30 gals. of water. Apply solution to one acre (apply spring and fall if soil is hard and low in organic matter).

Note: For specific information relating to pastures, please go to our pasture fertilizer page.

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