Compost Tumbler Benefits

Are you sick and tired of looking at the eyesore in your backyard that you call a compost pile? How about its repulsive odor and the rodents that call your pile home? Have your neighbors complained yet? It’s time to consider some other options. It’s time for a compost tumbler!

You know those hot sticky days when you can’t keep your shirt dry even when you’re standing still? How about dreading the fact that time is running out and the soil has to be prepared for the garden NOW. You’re already thinking about showering off the dirt and grime that you know is going to stick to your skin. Sweaty or not, the compost isn’t going to mix itself into the ground and you need to be in pretty good shape to maintain a compost pile, bin or pit. What are your options?

Use a compost tumbler instead. It doesn’t require any amazing muscle power, just enough to turn a crank for 10 seconds a day.

A compost tumbler eliminates problems with uninvited critters. If you use kitchen waste in your compost pile you are basically sending an invitation to rats, mice and any other hungry passersby. Even if you don’t use kitchen waste, decomposing matter generates heat and this has made my compost pile prime real estate for rodents. Not to mention their favorite restaurant is just a quick scurry away.

Speedy Turnover Time

Compost tumblers are known for their speedy ‘turnover’ time. When composting with a pile, pit or a bin, it will take months for your compost to be ready.

Compost tumblers get the job done in just a few weeks and you’ll have a never ending supply of nutrient rich compost. You may think you’ll end up with too much compost, but having such a large supply enables you to take your compost a step further. There are benefits to having a standing pile of compost.

The ultimate compost to use in any garden is ‘cured compost’, compost that has aged like fine wine or cheese. Stationary compost allows for worms and microorganisms to break your compost down even more and promotes an environment for specific bacteria that helps your plants defend themselves against pests and diseases. With a tumbler you will most likely have a surplus that you can store over the winter, giving you an early start in the spring with the ‘crème de la crème’ of fertilizers.

Your compost tumbler will retain moisture much better than an open pile can. You will very rarely find yourself adding water to your tumbler as long as you’re adding enough ‘green matter’ (grass clippings, kitchen waste).

Not only will it keep moisture in, it will keep odors in as well. I love to enjoy the sweet fragrances from my flower gardens, but the occasional whiffs of rotting vegetation I’ll gladly live without.

Save Space, Save Water, Save Money

The sole purpose of my flower garden is to delight the senses, and that purpose is defeated by having an unsightly heap of decaying matter in the same viewing area. Every year I have to get creative just to camouflage my compost pile. I do something to the effect of making a sunflower garden or putting up a trellis for morning glories. A compost tumbler easily solves this problem by keeping the compost contained and saving space at the same time. They are compact and stand above the ground so there’s no need to destroy the grass for a compost pile.

Compost from your tumbler is going to help smother weeds while pampering your garden. Your soil consistency will undergo a vast improvement whether you have sandy soil or clay. A very valuable factor of your soil upgrade is its ability to retain moisture. You won’t have to water the garden every single day and less watering means more time and energy for you, plus a few extra bucks that won’t leave your wallet.

One of the greatest benefits of having a compost tumbler is the money you will save if you are purchasing those expensive bags of fertilizer at the store. You know, the ones that never seem to finish the job and you can’t notice any difference in your garden’s performance after using. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars fertilizing your garden and then you have some serious questions, like…why do I even have a garden? It’d be cheaper to buy my produce at the grocery store!! This means that your compost tumbler will pay for itself very quickly. By doing away with store bought fertilizer you’re also eliminating the risk of shocking your plants due to common mishaps from its use. Many gardens have been ruined from improper fertilizer application.

Composting has been made easy with the compost tumbler and if you happen to live in a city where your local ordinance prohibits compost piles, a tumbler is an excellent solution. Let’s keep our world beautiful and alive by nurturing our gardens with the best supplier of nutrients…homemade compost. TUMBLE AWAY!!