All Natural Kid Safe Fertilizer

All Natural Liquid Organic "Kid-Safe" Fertilizer offers a natural solution for maintaining a healthy green lawn and producing high-yielding, hearty plants. My search for a chemical-free fertilizer led to an easy-to-use liquid organic kid safe fertilizer that provides great results. I no longer have to worry about the dangers of chemical fertilizers to my children (at least not in my own yard).

Let my kids play in chemicals...I don't think so!

Chemical Fertilizer Burns!

Have you ever gone to someone's house and they have just treated their lawn? You know it because you either see the flag from the lawn care company warning you not to go on it or you see all the little pellets in the yard and on the sidewalk and driveway. I don't know about you, but I have no desire to walk through that yard and I definitely don't want my kids rolling around in it. Most individuals don't realize how dangerous the chemicals truly are. They figure a little bit every now and then to keep a nice looking lawn is not going to hurt anything. Guess what...besides being harmful when touched by humans and pets, those chemicals are getting into our water supply.

Don't Eat That!

Does your child have a tendency to stick everything into his mouth? Protect those young ones who have a tendency to get into houseplants by using all natural organic houseplant fertilizer. A mouthful of dirt soaked in hazardous chemicals is not a good situation. Skip the Miracle Gro and Go Natural.

WOW! That Tastes So Good!

When asked why they purchase organic food, most consumers will state that it tastes better. Recent studies are showing that organically produced crops contain approximately 30% more antioxidant and/or phenolic content than similar crops produced using chemicals and pesticides. Levels of specific vitamins, antioxidants or flavonoids in organic produce have been found to be two or three times the level found in conventional produce. The higher levels are due to the fact that the organically produced plants are in an environment which allows their natural defense mechanisms to be triggered by weeds or insects. These “stress events” caused by the insects and weeds trigger the plants to respond with flavonoids, volatile compounds, phenolics and other antioxidants. These aromatic compounds found in the organic food are then perceived as flavor when we eat them which is why we say they taste better.

Better tasting and helps fight cancer and other diseases…why would anyone buy conventional produce? If you are growing your own...skip the chemicals and enjoy the wonderful results of Natural Organic Fertilizer.

Note: For specific information relating to pastures, please go to our pasture fertilizer page.

How Do I Get It?

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