Soil Fertilizer! An Important Element To Aid In Feeding Lawns, Gardens And Crops

Soil fertilizer is vital for a healthy lawn, garden or crop. The soil is essentially Mother Nature’s delivery system, transporting nutrients to your plants’ roots no matter what the plant is (unless, of course, it’s an air plant…ha ha). Nutrients travel to roots via the soil with the help of microbial activity which means that earthworms, as well as other small workers, play a big role in carrying nutrients to plants so that they’re greener and healthier. This is the reason that it’s so important that the fertilizer you use is organic. Synthetic fertilizers fire Mother Nature’s crew and bring in their own arsenal that literally kills them, and this arsenal is relied on just to keep the grass green and the plants alive. It’s the start of a deadly, vicious cycle and synthetic soil fertilizer should be avoided at all costs.

A great super-sized meal for your soil is fish. Fish emulsion happens to be an excellent soil fertilizer that has proven itself time and time again for centuries. A lot of fish emulsion fertilizers are made of fish by-products, and there’s nothing wrong at all with utilizing all parts of the fish (especially if it’s benefitting the environment vs. harming it!). But the best fertilizer is fish emulsion made from the Menhaden fish, which happens to be too bony and oily for human consumption. It’s a great meal for vegetation, but people get little to nothing from it, meaning there’s just not enough there to justify harvesting for a food source for us. We get a lot more from it when we feed it to our vegetable plants. They’re full of vitamins and minerals because they feed on mineral rich plankton, and that’s passed on to our veggies, which are in turn passed on to us. That’s a for sure good thing.

Fish emulsion, when used as your primary soil fertilizer, is going to ensure vigorous root growth which means your garden and lawn are going to be well established in record time. When applied as needed, your results will be jaw-dropping. Yields will exceed any you’ve had in the past, if you’ve been using a chemical fertilizer or a very slow-acting organic fertilizer.

I’m not knocking slower-acting organic fertilizers, but our society has become one that wants instant gratification, so if you don’t have the patience to wait for beautiful results, fish emulsion is your ticket for soil fertilization.

Fish emulsion is a particularly good soil fertilizer for your seedlings. Baby plants need a good start and healthy soil to start their new life. It’s especially important when about to transplant. Plants will have some shock protection.

It’s always good to take precautions when transplanting babies into their permanent homes (at least permanent for their lifetime) and it’s a serious issue for baby tomato plants. Soil fertilizer plays an imperative role here. Unlike other transplants, you want to keep the roots of a tomato plant together when transplanting and fish emulsion helps keep the plants’ roots together.

Fish emulsion makes the best fertilizer for transplants as well as all your other needs in the lawn and garden department, but especially the babies…they truly benefit. Soil fertilizer is vital to healthy vegetation since everything gathers nutrients from the soil. If soil’s been tainted with toxins, then some serious healing needs to be done and that can only take place if you choose an organic soil fertilizer. Your lawn, gardens, and/or crops are relying on you to make the right choice. Their future is in your hands and chemical fertilizers are a fad that disappeared a long time ago.
Note: For specific information relating to pastures, please go to our pasture fertilizer page.