Use Natural Fertilizer To Help Save Our Planet!

We’ve been harming our world for decades, and it’s time to let Mother Earth start healing. A big part of environmental harm, besides “disposable” plastics and Styrofoam that will never disappear, chemical fertilizer has done its job to help with the mayhem. Fertilizer anarchy needs to end. It’s time to use natural fertilizer so that our planet can at least think about healing. Natural fertilizer can, and will, solve this part of the equation if we give it a chance. The big myth that synthetic fertilizers work wonders is just that…a grand fairy tale.

Liquid organic fertilizer is what Mother Nature intended. Synthetic fertilizers only deplete the soil’s natural ability to feed gardens, lawns and crops. Sadly, our culture has come to believe that chemicals are an o.k. fertilizer. That’s just not the case, though. Chemical fertilizer has done so much damage that reparations almost seem impossible.

Chemical fertilizer poses the potential for so much danger, it’s ridiculous. With every application, our children and pets are in harm’s way. The fact that you have to put up “warning flags” on your lawn, or in your garden, is outrageous and should be a big “HELLO…I’M POISON! DON’T TOUCH ME!” And who wants to eat a plant out of a garden that’s screaming that? Not me, that’s for sure.

Natural fertilizer is the way to go, any which way you look at it. Synthetics are a trend of the past. The best natural fertilizer comes from a source that a majority of people would never think of…and that’s fish. One fish in particular that makes the best natural fertilizer in existence is the Menhaden fish.

The Menhaden fish has been used for centuries. Native Americans were extremely fond of this little guy. He is too small to catch for a meal, but he eats mineral rich plankton…and he is what he eats, so he’s full of nutrients that the soil keeps to feed our lawns and gardens, provided that’s what you’re using…and you should be using.

Fish emulsion comes from many different sources. Some are made from only fish by-products and that’s not necessarily ideal, but it isn’t “bad”. It’s just that the Menhaden fish has proven itself for so long, and is harvested for that reason alone so you can’t go wrong.

These days, everyone is talking about green energy and what going green is all about. Well, “going green” is about being natural, so natural fertilizer makes sense for anyone who has a care for our world and its creatures. Natural fertilizer doesn’t pose all the problems that chemical fertilizers do, and it does a much better job than any synthetics have ever achieved. If we want the most from our gardens and crops, and the greenest lawn in the neighborhood, but even more so…wanting the planet to be life sustaining for our grand-babies’ grandkids, then we have to go green, and natural fertilizer can and will make that happen.