Keep Your Four-legged Friends Happy with a Natural Pet Safe Fertilizer

Has your pet ever had an adverse reaction to a chemical fertilizer? My desire to find a pet safe fertilizer began after visiting my father who had just spread chemical fertilizer on his lawn. My two dogs had to get rid of all the water and table scraps somewhere. I could tell the dogs didn't like the fertilizer because they would quick run out, do their business and come right back.

Pellets, Pellets Everywhere!

My dogs would try to walk on the driveway instead of the grass, however, there were little pellets of fertilizer all over the driveway as well. I knew it was a bad situation when one of the dogs developed red splotches all over his belly. My dad tried to tell me the fertilizer was not harmful to pets. Does this sound like a pet safe fertilizer to you?

No Chemicals...What Then??

I knew chemical fertilizers were not good for my pets, so I thought my only option was to not use anything on my lawn and just hope for the best. NOT ANYMORE! I have found a natural solution that is pet safe and will give you a lush, green lawn.

Keep It "GREEN"

You too can have a beautiful lawn using a pet safe fertilizer made from natural organic ingredients. The fertilizer is made from

  • kelp concentrate (straight from the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean)
  • hydrolyzed fish solubles from Menhaden fish
  • bloodmeal and sulfate of potash

Additionally, a number of other natural ingredients are included that help condition the soil and chelate the nutrients. (Chelated nutrients keep your groundwater safe because there aren't excesses that will leach into the water. The chelated nutrients are readily available for your lawn and plants to use.)

If you want to keep your pets safe and still have a wonderfully green lawn, then enter your name and email below and I will send you the step by step fertilizer application information you need to grow a great lawn and garden that is organic... and most importantly 100% safe for your pets.
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