All Natural Organic Grass Fertilizer For A Strong Healthy Lawn or Pasture

Looking for a chemical-free option for grass fertilizer that doesn't cost a lot and gives you a stellar lawn or pasture? Discover the easy steps to natural lawn care. Why pay a ton of money for something that isn't environmentally compatible and easy-to-use.

By using all natural organic ingredients in your grass fertilizer you can have a healthy green lawn or pasture with deep roots that are drought resistant and REDUCE the amount of watering.

Plus, the certified organic grass fertilizer is safe for animals and kids.

Note: For specific information relating to pastures, please go to our pasture fertilizer page.

Downside to Chemicals

Chemical fertilizers typically put a tremendously high amount of nitrogen on your lawn creating excessive leaf development and shallow, non-drought resistant roots. Besides the fact that you have to water more often, the large amount of top growth is highly susceptible to disease causing organisms and creates a wonderful home for all those pesky insects and weeds...not to mention all the EXTRA MOWING you will have to do.

Major Pollution Contributor

Besides taking up your precious time and/or money, lawn mowers and weed eaters are also a big contributor to pollution of our environment! That's pollution in addition to the water pollution from the chemicals.

There is a better way!

Using an all natural organic grass fertilizer consisting of fish solubles, kelp, bloodmeal and sulfate of potash provides the following:

  • Drought resistance
  • Favors grass growth, not weeds
  • Reduced watering
  • Reduced mowing frequency
  • Balanced leaf and root development
  • Good stress resistance
  • No thatch build-up
  • Efficient nutrient cycling
  • Increased plant reserves
  • Stable soil
  • No leaching, no pollution
  • Increased organic matter
  • Increased soil aeration
  • Improved soil structure
  • Return of earthworms and microbes
  • No salt increase

Easy To Use

Besides all of the benefits listed, the natural liquid organic grass fertilizer is easy to use. Simply spray it on using your garden hose or you can mix it with water and use a sprayer. The grass fertilizer can even be applied through your existing sprinkler system.

Typically one quart of the concentrated liquid grass fertilizer will cover 3,000-5,000 square feet. Roughly 2.5 gallons will cover one acre of lawn. For pasture, 1-2 gallons of the liquid grass fertilizer mixed with 25-30 gallons of water will cover one acre.

Have a glorious growing season!


Note: For specific information relating to pastures, please go to our pasture fertilizer page.